Halloween Book Tag!


I hope your day has been spooky awesome!

So I wanted to do a fun little Halloween book tag and stumbled across this one at The Awkward Book Blogger.

Here we go! I’ll start with question one, since it comes first 🎃

1. Carving pumpkins- what book would you carve up and light on fire?

The Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Okay, I will try to be vague, but this might get slightly spoilery….

So while I can understand why it happened, everything came full circle and all she did to protect her didn’t save her in the end, but it still sucked to read. That’s why I’m lighting this book on fire. I still loved the series and it was a great book, that just broke my heart.

2. Trick or treat- what character is a treat, what character is a trick?

A character who was a treat:

Ansel from Serpent & Dove, he has such a sweet disposition and a good heart, the guy is a cinnamon roll!

A character who was a trick:

Warner from the Shatter Me series, he definitely tricked me! At first he seems to be one thing then, bam! Complete 180. Best trick ever!

3. Candy corn- what book is always sweet?

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, this book is sweet and bittersweet, but it’s a book about healing and the amazing people we find when things don’t go as planned. I love this book!

4. Ghosts- what character would you love to visit you as a ghost?

This seems like a trick question!

I don’t want any fictional character I love to die and become a ghost just for a visit, nor do I really want one that’s died to visit me either. So I guess the answer is I wouldn’t like a ghostly visit from anybody, at all.

5. Dressing up in costume- what character would you want to be for a day?

Jude from The Folk of the Air series, she’s kind of a badass! But I’d only want to be her on one of her really awesome days, her life kind of sucks sometimes.

6. Wizards and witches- what is your favorite Harry Potter moment?

I’m a romantic and rooted for these two, so without a doubt this was my favorite moment…

7. Blood and gore- what book was so creepy that you had to take a break from it for awhile?

So I don’t typically read scary books, but there was a moment in this book I literally had to sit up and take a break…The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan. Oh that last chapter I will NEVER forget it.

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag!

So have you read anything spooky, scary this month to gear up for Halloween? Let me know!

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