You’re the Best: Love Triangle Edition

What makes a good love triangle?

Two wonderfully awesome love interests.

Now I’ll be completely honest I don’t really care for them, but if done right I can be chill about it, as long as it’s not used as a plot device I’m fine.

So this love triangle is my favorite! It involves 4 people, but only 3 bodies, say what, so I’m counting it as a triangle.

I didn’t at first care for it, but as the story progressed I just thought both parties were really great, genuine people, and our protagonist really cared deeply for both.

Jared, Ian, Wanda…(and Melanie) from the Host by Stephenie Meyer is my favorite love triangle-square.

The Host (movie 2013)

This book is awesome! We have a body snatching alien invasion with an alien more human than most, well, humans.

Wanda is amazing, I know she’s technically a parasite living in her hosts body, but through Mel (said host) she learns that maybe it’s not so right. She also learns what it means to love and be loved.

Jared is the guy Mel was forced to leave behind and he’s a bit rough around the edges at first and understandably angry when Wanda shows up in Mel’s body, but slowly he learns to trust Wanda and these soft moments of understanding made me like him all the more.

Ian is a human who Wanda comes to trust and as they spend time together the more they learn from each other: Wanda learns to be loved for who she truly is and Ian comes to understand and look at these invaders in a different light. His sensitivity and kindness toward Wanda are so beautiful. I really loved Ian.

I cannot forget Mel, the silenced fighter caged in her own body with no voice. She’s a real survivor and her family is so important to her she convinces Wanda through her memories of her loved ones, to go find them and protect them.

I loved both guys and was so torn between them. Jared was my favorite, but as soon as I’d think that here would come Ian being all around awesome and I’d be back to square one. Grr, they made it hard to choose and that’s why they’re my favorite!

So, how do you feel about the dreaded love triangle? Or tell me about your favorite of all time. Leave me a comment below!

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