#BOOKS & LYRICS – Post No. 1

Many authors find inspiration in music, whether it be a specific song, a certain lyric, or even an original movie or game score. It’s a fun insight into the authors creative process. I love seeing an authors music playlist and trying to guess which song or score gave birth to a feeling, mood, a scene, or even a character from the story!

For me it started with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. I would always go to her website, look at her playlists and download the songs, then read the book while listening to it, I loved it! I thought it was such an awesome idea and a fun treat for her fans, (have I aged myself yet?) and while I’m sure she may not have been the first author to do this, it was definitely the first time I took notice. And it gave me Muse! (So much musical drama and ear candy, those boys!)

Books and music go hand in hand for me.

So, with that thought in mind I decided to create a weekly post dedicated to music or lyrics that remind me of a book I have read! I will pick a song or lyric each week and talk about how I think it relates back to the book it reminds me of, whether it be a scene from a book, a character, or just the overall mood or theme of the story.

Below is the first lyric and book I have chosen:

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

~ Queen

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


I love this book! The overall theme of this story correlates directly to these lyrics.

It’s a story within a fantasy fanfic story! It’s also about the bonds of sisterhood and how it changes as we grow.

Cath, our heroine, is a Simon Snow fan. (Think of him as a very alternative Harry Potter, with the books, movies, merchandise, etc.) Growing up she and her sister loved him and even wrote fanfics together set in Simon Snow’s fictional world, but now that they’re grown and off to college, Cath’s sister wants to leave that old world behind and Cath just wants to live in the fantasy, but is instead stuck in reality.

Cath is a very sympathetic character. I could relate to all her feelings, fears, and insecurities. Especially in how they related to her relationship with her sister and fears of being left behind. The more she feared the further away she wanted from reality and the harder she clung to her fantasy.

The story also includes a wide range of interesting side characters, from the love interest, her sister, her roommate, a slimy scumbag, and a cast of Simon Snow characters, that were all wonderfully three-demential.

I feel like this book is an ode to growing up and change and how beautiful it can be. Which is why it’s one of my favorites and very near and dear to my heart.

And, when every thing is changing around you, it literally begs the question, which is better? Fantasy or reality?

Are there any books you’ve read that remind you of the lyrics above? Do you have a song or lyric you’d like to see on this post? Leave a comment below and tell me all about them!

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